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Net First a modern progressive web development company with a focus on creating and enhancing Internet presence. We specialize in a broad range of e-commerce platforms and SEO tools to make sure our clients see the results they expect.



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About us

Net First is passionate about web development. We take pride in creating simple solutions to complex problems. By utilizing the latest developer tools and constantly evaluating technologies as they become available, we’re able to provide results that are second to none in the web industry.

We are experienced in all aspects of website development, offering ground-up website creation, search engine optimization, custom plugins and extensions, website analytics and more. Net First will guarantee results on time and on budget. This is our promise.

Learn how rich cards can improve organic traffic

The magic of Rich Cards can bring your website content straight to the search results. Wether you’re an ecommerce giant, or a simple blogger with a few podcasts, having the right markup to show your content in search results will have a profound impact on traffic.

Our Services

We have a team of developers that are passionate about technology.  Tell us what you need and we’ll find a way to make it happen.

Hourly Traffic

Drive traffic by increasing organic search results.  Rich cards, structured data and SEO best practices culminate to increase page views.

Average Page Size

By reducing page size, loading time decreases too.  This in turn provides a superior user experience that drives returning traffic.

Sales Conversions

Search engine optimization, page speed, product placement – All these factors add up to increasing your bottom line – Sales!

What People Say

We've worked extensively with Brian from Net First.  He's helped us with everything from custom applications to full website support.  We highly recommend the expertise from Net First!

I've never worked with a more helpful website company than Net First.  If I every have a question, Brian is quick to respond with a perfect solution.

After discussing our requirements with Brian, he took the ball and ran with it.  An astonishing three days passed and KSM Lawfirm became the proud owner of a beautifully robust…

Important things to remember when designing a logo.

Creating a logo isn’t just about finding a pretty design anymore.  A logo can be seen not just across devices and platforms, but across a slew of different media types.  From the favicon in your browser tab to the leterhead on paper invoices, a design needs to distinctly identify your brand.

Latest News

The key to being the best web development company in the industry is to stay on top of current news and technology.  This helps our clients learn about what’s important  to them so that they know what questions to ask when it comes to their website.

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